So you guys know a little bit about K-Pop by now right?

I gave some background information and the pro and cons about the whole K-pop industry. So now lets dive in to the interesting part! GIRL GROUPS.

There are hundreds of girl groups in the K-Pop world. Most of them are pretty talented and good-looking. But what does it take to be one of the popular ones? There are many answers which can fit into the question but for me I think the key factors that makes a great girl group are their looks, personality and then their music. This goes out for boy bands too. Most of the fans have their “bias”. They listen to their music, watch their music videos and variety shows. That’s how K-poppers support their favorite idols and get to know them. Girl groups especially do try to be more sexy or cute depending on the concept, to grab more people’s attention like in their music videos. Which does sell.

Girls’ generation (SNSD) and 2NE1 are the most popular girl groups as of right now. They’ve been dominating the K-Pop industry for many years and have the most fans. Both of the girl groups come from big company labels. SNSD from SM Entertainment, and 2NE1 from YG Entertainment. So being a successful and a popular group also depends on what kind of company label you’re from. YG and SM are the two top music companies in South-Korea.

2NE1 (my favorite) known for having edgy fashion and music
Girls’Generation (SNSD) known for their long legs and cuteness

Next post is going to be about K-Pop boy groups! 🙂