Hey! Thank you for coming back to my blog.This blog post is going to entirely about a new K-Pop group called IKON! šŸ˜€


They are a rookie boy band under YG Entertainment, which is actually my favorite company, since they have the most talented and authentic artists who are passionate about creating their own music. Not only do they write their own lyrics but also arrange and compose songs.

IKON consists of 7 members now. They participated in survival shows such as”WIN-Who is next” and “MIX & MATCH”. Both of the shows involved competition against each other or as in a group to see which member is fitted to be in a K-Pop group. It held dancing and singing competitions and more.

In WIN, Ā IKON was Team BĀ and competed against Team A. Unfortunately Team B lost since team A who had well known, older members, got more votes than them in the finale. The team who won the show got to debut as a group under the name “WINNER” so team A with 5 members had that chance and soon debuted after a year. This show was during 2013 and team B soon to be called (IKON) only had 6 members. Then just within a year in 2014, they were in another survival show called MIX & MATCH. Now this time they competed against each other and with 3 other possible candidates who could take their place and be part of IKON. Thankfully, the 6 original members didn’t get cut off from the group and just added one more member from the 3 new trainees. So later, the final 7 members debuted as IKON in September of 2015!!! :DD