New K-Pop Boy Band: NCT U

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In this post, I’m going to be talking about NCT U. This is one of the new boy band that recently debuted a month ago on April. They’re part of S.M Entertainment, as you guys may know by now that S.M is one of the top music labels in South Korea.¬†NCT stands for Neo Culture Technology, and it’s going to have many sub-units all around the world. NCT U is just one of the units based in Seoul, Korea and there are going to be more in different countries like in China, ¬†Japan, etc. I’ve heard many rumors that the founder of S.M, Lee Soo-man, is trying to dominate the K-Pop world with this upcoming plan, which I found to be amusing yet true.


Since K-Pop is so popular now that this new idea of having numerous sub-units with in one group is a fairly new concept. Especially because it has unlimited members. Basically, they can recruit new members as as much as they’d like and don’t have to worry about replacing the old members if they do choose to leave. I think S.M Entertainment is taking this approach because EXO, a very popular boy band under their company had complications. 3 out of 12 members left and filed a lawsuit against them. They were under a 10 yr contract but then later decided that they didn’t want to be part of the group anymore since 10 years is such a long time.

More about NCT U, it has six members and their names are¬†Mark,¬†Taeyong, Jaehyun, Taeil, Ten and¬†Doyoung. The age range is from 16- 21, Mark (16) the youngest one is from Canada and Ten (20) is from Thailand. They have international members. All of them have been trained under the S.M company for a long period of time and finally got to debut this year. I’ve watched their music videos, dance videos, and their variety shows and I’ve grown to like them even though they’re a new group. They’re extremely talented and I’m looking forward to see more of them and their music!


I.O.I: Ideal of Idol

I.O.I is a new Korean girl group with 11 members that just debuted less than a week ago on May 4th, 2016. The 11 selected girls got to debut through the reality show named “Produce 101” which had a hundred and one female trainees! Having a show with over 100 people seems pretty crazy but it worked. They narrowed it down to 11 girls through voting and ranked them accordingly throughout the show.

In the beginning there were team A,B,C,D, and F. The judges put the 101 girls in the team they thought they belonged to by judging their skills such as singing, dancing and overall stage presence. I watched most of the episodes of “Produce 101” and it was pretty good, I enjoyed it.


All the girls that participated in the show were from different company labels, which is something new because most of the K-pop groups that do debut are within the same company. From what I can recall I.O.I is an experimental girl group which is handled by the company CJ E&M.


The members age in I.O.I  vary from 1995 to 2001. So there are all very young girls, 20 is the oldest and 15 year old is the youngest. Also I.O.I members names are: Nayoung, Chungha, Sejeong, Chaeyeon, Pinky, Sohye, Yeonjung, Yoojung, Mina, Doyeon, and Somi.

Somi, the youngest (15) and also the “center” of the group. She also won the show with the most votes!
Chaeyeon (18) the “visual” in the group.

These are the 101 girls in one stage performing the first song they all worked on together called “Pick me”. It’s ¬†actually a very catchy song but might annoy some of you lol.

Image: I.O.I / YMC Entertainment
After debut!

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Bangtan Boys (BTS)

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Today I’m going to introduce another K-pop band called BTS formed by Big Hit Entertainment.¬†They are one of the most popular male groups right now. BTS has 7 members: Jimin, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, Rapmonster, and V. Their fans are called ARMY’S.¬†Honestly, these guys are the funniest people in K-Pop. They are super random and all of them have weird yet funny personalities. They’re not afraid of the cameras and will show you their true-self which the fans find very entertaining and endearing.

BTS debuted on June 13, 2013 and within almost 3 yrs they have accomplished a lot as artists. They have¬†won several “New Artist of the Year” awards, and the Best World Performer award in the 2015 MAMA awards. They recently made a comeback with the new music video called “Fire”. What’s cool about BTS is that they keep working on new songs and keep releasing videos after videos within few months and don’t take a year or two off like other K-Pop artists. They keep working on new things every time.

V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rapmonster, Jimin and J-Hope.

One of my favorite K-pop songs!

New Girl group: TWICE from JYP

This time I’m going to introduce a new K-pop girl group called TWICE!

TWICE is formed by JYP Entertainment through the 2015 reality show called Sixteen, similar to WIN and MIX & MATCH with IKON, these girls also competed for a spot in the group.¬†The show had sixteen girls in the beginning, hence the title “Sixteen” and only 7 of them were supposed to debut but in the end JYP decided to add two more members. Tzuyu, the youngest in TWICE was chosen because she was the audiences pick. And Momo was chosen by JYP because she can contribute to the group by her great dancing skills.¬†Now the group has nine members: Dahyun,Jihyo,Tzuyu,Jeongyeon,Chaeyoung,Momo,Nayeon,Sana,and Mina.


The cool thing about TWICE is that it’s a¬†multi-national K-pop girl group. It has¬†Korean,¬†Japanese and Taiwanese members. Mina, Sana, and Momo are Japanese, Tzuyu is from Taiwan and the rest are Korean.¬†The group debuted on October 20 2015, with a mini-album. But recently they made a comeback on April 24, 2016 with a Music Video named “Cheer up”. I’ll put the video in the bottom.

TWICE is doing really well since their debut, they have a lot of fans now and people can’t get enough of them.

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New Boy group: IKON

Hey! Thank you for coming back to my blog.This blog post is going to entirely about a new K-Pop group called IKON! ūüėÄ


They are a rookie boy band under YG Entertainment, which is actually my favorite company, since they have the most talented and authentic artists who are passionate about creating their own music. Not only do they write their own lyrics but also arrange and compose songs.

IKON consists of 7 members now. They participated in survival shows such as”WIN-Who is next” and “MIX & MATCH”. Both of the shows involved competition against each other or as in a group to see which member is fitted to be in a K-Pop group. It held dancing and singing competitions and more.

In WIN, ¬†IKON was Team B¬†and competed against Team A. Unfortunately Team B lost since team A who had well known, older members, got more votes than them in the finale. The team who won the show got to debut as a group under the name “WINNER” so team A with 5 members had that chance and soon debuted after a year. This show was during 2013 and team B soon to be called (IKON) only had 6 members. Then just within a year in 2014, they were in another survival show called MIX & MATCH. Now this time they competed against each other and with 3 other possible candidates who could take their place and be part of IKON. Thankfully, the 6 original members didn’t get cut off from the group and just added one more member from the 3 new trainees. So later, the final 7 members debuted as IKON in September of 2015!!! :DD


K-Pop boy groups

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Hey guys! This time I’m going to be talking about K-Pop boys bands. I’m excited to share more things in my blog related to K-Pop music because I freakin love it!

K-pop boy groups, what makes them different from the girls groups besides the obvious reason. K-Pop is so popular nowadays because of Korean boy bands, believe it or not. They attract so many female fans who share their interest with friends and influence (or nag them xD) to watch or listen K-Pop. It’s basically what fangirls do.

So which are the most influential K-Pop boy groups?

BigBang from YG Entertainment, and EXO from SM Entertainment. Similar to my last post, they’re both from the same company labels. Both of these groups are part of the K-pop phenomenon. They have the hugest fandom, millions of people support and follow these group. And have been trending for the past five years. Also Big Bang is considered to ¬†be the kings of K-Pop because their music and fashion are on point! Anyone who knows about K-Pop definitely knows Bigbang. Both EXO and Bigbang are the most popular and influential groups in the K-Pop music.



EXO! they used to have 12 members but now it only 8 :((

K-Pop Girl groups

So you guys know a little bit about K-Pop by now right?

I gave some background information and the pro and cons about the whole K-pop industry. So now lets dive in to the interesting part! GIRL GROUPS.

There are hundreds of girl groups in the K-Pop world. Most of them are pretty talented and good-looking. But what does it take to be one of the popular ones? There are many answers which can fit into the question but for me I think the key factors that makes a great girl group are their looks, personality and then their music. This goes out for boy bands too. Most of the fans have their “bias”. They listen to their music, watch their music videos and variety shows. That’s how K-poppers support their favorite idols and get to know them. Girl groups especially do try to be more sexy or cute depending on the concept, to grab more people’s attention like in their music videos. Which does sell.

Girls’ generation (SNSD)¬†and 2NE1 are the most popular girl groups as of right now. They’ve been dominating the K-Pop industry for many years and have the most fans. Both of the girl groups come from big company labels. SNSD from SM Entertainment, and 2NE1 from YG Entertainment. So being a successful and a popular group also depends on what kind of company label you’re from. YG and SM are the two top music companies in South-Korea.

2NE1 (my favorite) known for having edgy fashion and music
Girls’Generation (SNSD) known for their long legs and cuteness

Next post is going to be about K-Pop boy groups! ūüôā

What are the good and the bad?

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It’s been a while since I posted a blog here, sorry for the delay I’ve been really busy. >_<

So this time I’m going to be talking about the pro and cons of being in the Kpop-industry. It might seem like being famous and part of a music group is extravagant, but in reality it really isn’t. There are¬†both the good and the bad side.


  1. Finally debuting and experiencing the K-Pop journey.
  2. Traveling around the world to promote your music.
  3. Having international fans and the largest dedicated fanbase.(fangirls/fanboys)
  4. Being in a K-Pop group, more opportunities arise (Acting, Commercials, MC etc.)
  5. Make more friends with other group members who have similar background/experiences as them.
  6. learning new languages to interact with your fans or to promote music. K-Pop stars mostly learn Japanese, Mandarin, English etc.
  7. Can write and produce their own songs with the help of the music company.
  8. Get millions of amount of views internationally for their music videos on YouTube.
  9. Change their looks for every new concept for their music. (Comebacks)
  10. High number of sales on iTunes and through distributions of CD’s.


  1. Extreme and Obsessive fans (Saesangs) who’ll do whatever it takes to get closer to the K-Pop singer.
  2. Controlling company. Have to abide by their strict rules. Ex: no dating so they can focus on their music career.
  3. long term contracts AKA Slave contracts (5-10 yrs) with in the current company label.
  4. Competitive market of music industry.
  5. The pay- might get less money then anticipated, depends on what company they are in.
  6. Health issues- overworking yourself, staying in the perfect body shape (diet issues)
  7. Can’t leave the building/dorms without managers permission.
  8. Plastic surgery especially among young females Ex: Double eyelid surgery, jaw surgery etc.
  9. Hungry for more fame, wants to be more well known.
  10. Having a lot of pressure from a young age. (12-18)

These are the top ten pros and cons about K-pop. I tried my best to list out everything I know. It takes a lot to be a singer, it’s not a easy task to do. They’re both advantages and disadvantage of being a singer. Korean singers have to struggle a lot to be a successful artist in the K-Pop industry.


Music is part of¬†our daily life, isn’t it?

It just makes your day better somehow when you listen to your favorite songs from the artists you really like. Music is something we all love. But that isn’t the only reason to why we listen to music. You might like to listen to music maybe because you’re bored, or you want to escape from reality. You know that music is there for you, to comfort you.

You have your own reason to why you listen to certain music. Some people aren’t too picky and will listen to just about anything. I personally love listening to all kinds of music, and just am a music lover in general. It doesn’t matter what genre or the language it is in, I’m open to just about anything even though sometimes at first I hesitate if I’ll actually like it or not. But, I’ll give it a listen and if the beat and the melody is good, then I’m hooked!

That’s why I showed interest in K-Pop. It was something new and intriguing to me. Not only did I like the music but the concept of it as well. There are hundreds of music groups that have their own unique group names, who are from different countries and companies labels. Before a group or a solo artist debuts, they have to go through a training process in which they remain as trainees for several years until they are good enough to finally debut. I think people who like K-Pop are so attached to the artists because of all the hard work they put into in order to achieve their dreams. They start in the music business so young and are dedicated which makes the fans admire them even more!

This is my first blog post and I’ll post more in the future!¬†P.S I’m not trying to be an advocate of K-Pop music. This blog is strictly for my social media class.

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